A brief history

Although you may have never heard of ProofMaster before, and likely not Aurelon, the parent company. Here is a brief history of the company.

1989 - Dunaway founded

1992 - Introduction of Macintosh RIP

1994 - VISU technologies founded

1996 - Seybold award for PhotoShop plug in Coco

1997 - Introduction of Windows RIP

1999 - Dunaway and VISU merged into Aurelon

2000 - Seybold Hot Pick for VISU nColor technology

2001 - ProofMaster released

2006 - PrintFactory released

2011 - Aquisition by GMG

2016 - Spin out from GMG and rebranded as PrintFactory
2019 - Reintroduction of ProofMaster

Our Company

ProofNation is a leader in proofing and color management software.  We are the North American distributor of the affordable ProofMaster color management solution. 


We are convinced that color accuracy and proofing are essential to the printing, publishing and packaging industry and we are committed to being an industry leader in cost-effective solutions.

We will also be introducing proofing product solutions to allow color accurate packaging mockups that is more cost-effective and efficient than any current solution.


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Coming soon

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