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Simply the Best

The ImpoProof has earned a reputation as the premier double-sided proofing solution in the world. The combination of Canon or Epson printer performance and a unique registration system has made the ImpoProof the industry leader in speed, quality, accuracy and reliability.    


We have more installations in North America than our competitors, by far. We have been in the business of selling double sided imposition/content proofing systems longer than our competitors. We are in our third decade. No one else can say that. We are here when you need us.                              

Model Range

We offer 6 different models. Depending on your size requirements.  We have the Canon devices in 24", 44" and 60". We have the Epson series in 24", 36" and 44".

What's new

We now have a 160gsm double sided coated paper, that can be profiled.  In tandem with ProofMaster, you can achieve many of your contract proofing needs with one device now. Without breaking the bank.


We have a dedicated support line operating Monday through Friday. 9am to 6pm Eastern time.  Who else can offer you that?

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