What is ProofMaster?

Everything you need, nothing that you don’t. ProofMaster is the most affordable high-quality contract proofing software on the market today.

Anyone can use ProofMaster’s 3-click wizards.

In no time at all, you’ll be creating device-linked proofing profiles that give you the confidence to print the right color, first time. Every time.

ProofMaster comes in two flavors: ProofMaster (for CMYK device-link profiles), and ProofMaster Plus (for multi-channel device-link profiles).

It doesn’t matter where you’re working, your print devices might be 10 metres away or 10,000 miles away. ProofMaster’s device-calibration lets you close-loop calibrate any two or more devices to a single profile. 

Both versions of ProofMaster use our VISU color-profiling engine. And when you add iterative profile tuning, proof certification functions, and CxF/X-3 spot color libraries to the mix … you’re onto a winner.


Why Use Proofmaster?


Better quality

  • Our competitors try to deliver the same results – but you can put us to the test. We believe our color engine is unbeatable.

  • ProofMaster’s paper white point simulation matches press production so closely, you have to see it to believe it.

  • And ProofMaster delivers incredibly accurate reproductions of greys, subtle colors, vivid and precise Pantones© and spot colors.

Better proofing

  • All PDF standards (GWG, PDF-x4…)

  • ISO Color standardized output

  • CMYK profiles for bespoke fingerprinting 

  • Multi-channel profiles for extended gamut printing, proofing and packaging (ProofMaster Plus)

  • Supports an even wider range of printer and substrate combinations (ProofMaster Plus)

Better processes

  • ProofMaster is easy to use contract proofing software – anyone can calibrate and fine-tune with ease.

  • Your proofing accuracy will go up, and so will your productivity.

  • Create CMYK and multi-channel ICC soft-proofing and separation profiles for use in Adobe and other pre-press applications.

  • Using ProofMaster Layout – start nesting and tiling with ease while maintaining control over the finished results.

ProofMaster vs ProofMaster Plus

ProofMaster and ProofMaster Plus are both compatible with Epson, HP and Canon Aqueous inkjet printers. But ProofMaster Plus is also compatible with Mimaki, Mutoh and Roland UV and Eco-Solvent printers. So if you’e proofing on your own substrates, making prototypes for packaging, or creating proofs for extended color gamut printing – ProofMaster Plus is the right choice. 



  • VISU CMYK ICC device-link profiles

  • Wizard based profile tuning

  • CxF/X-3 Spot color libraries included

  • Proof Certification module

  • Delta-e 76 and Delta-e 2000 measure modes

Supported printers:
Aqueous inkjet devices from Canon, Epson, and HP.



  • VISU Multi-channel ICC device-link profiles

  • Wizard based profile tuning

  • CxF/X-3 spot color libraries included

  • CxF/X-4 support for spot color gradations

  • Proof Certification module

  • D-e 76 and D-e 2000 measure modes


Supported printers:
Aqueous inkjet devices from Canon, Epson and HP. 
UV and Eco-Solvent inkjet devices from Epson, Mimaki, Mutoh and Roland.

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